115 Million Children in India
live in extreme Poverty

Together We Can Make A Change

Who we are?

Caring Hand for Children is a Los Angeles based, 100% volunteer run non-profit organization committed to helping underprivileged youth in India become self sufficient. We believe education is the greatest gift and the key to changing the world. 

4,000+ Current Children

Most of our children are street beggars, discovered as orphans or have disabilities. They are living in an unstable environments with no hope for future. Our projects provide them a safe space and empower them through basic education, vocational training, technical programs and specialized certifications. We are actively supporting 4,000+ children. Our goal is to reach one million children.

17 Active Projects

We have 17 active projects across 14 cities in India. These projects consist of standard education, specialized programs, vocational training and programs for women including nursing care to help an entire village.

Our Transparency Promise

We have no payroll expense thus we are a 100% volunteer run Organization. Trust and Accountabilities are part of our core principles. All of our projects are vetted through a Project Selection Criteria , which includes being a volunteer-run organization, can provide annual audited financial statements and allow unannounced visitations by CHC volunteers.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten
everything he learned in school.”

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